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The biggest blessing I received from God was having my baby, he is the best thing that ever happened to me and I never regret having him even just for a second. When I first found out that I am having a baby I was so overwhelmed. I did not know what to do, what to buy and what to prepare for when he comes out. I loved fashion and I loved shopping and also I love traveling so my must buys must always be appropriate to those things, good thing there is baby company in SM department store and they carry everything I needed during those time. And a very good news to you mothers and up coming mothers because Baby Company stand alone store is now at SM Seaside! There are a lot of baby items that you can shop at the baby company stand alone store in SM seaside and they not only carry baby items but as well as mommy items too! Yup! Mommy’s you matter here too!

They have various brands and items which you can choose from and I’m sure you will find the best that suits you as well as your baby!

If you are planning for a baby shower or christening, you can also register your baby for their baby registry, so that visitors wont have a hard time choosing a gift. They can just visit the baby company and see what you listed for the baby registry.

They also have cribs and baby cabinets as well as decors for baby’s room such as frames and many more.

They have cleansers, bath items, toiletries, baby clothes, mommy clothes, baby shoes, Baby strollers, baby carriers, mommy necklace (PS. It is a theeter for your baby too.) Baby swaddle (PS. you can also wear it as a scarf.) Baby bottles, gift sets and many more that I can’t enumerate all of them so I suggest you visit baby company stand alone store located at the 2nd floor of SM seaside Cebu for you to be amazed just as I am. But for now, here are some photos so you can take a little peek.

Now Let us see my top picks that I think you guys should get!

  1. Nebulizer – Gone are the days when it would become a fight once we nebulize our kids, since they already have this penguin designed nebulizing kit and it has a free carrying bag and it is perfect for on the families. I picked this since I myself experienced the hassle when it comes to nebulizing my son before. This is priced at php2,499.75 or 50.38USD and you will have this stylish and handy nebulizer.

2. ┬áMom Card – This will allow you to earn points every time you buy from the baby company. More savings for us mommies since the points we earn can also be used to buy items from the baby company.

3. Travel Chummies – They are cute and cost only php199.75 or 4.03USD and they can be used in various ways. Besides their usefulness, my baby and I loved their cuteness and soft feeling.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over now to the Baby Company located at the 2nd floor of SM Seaside.

Here is a peek of the other items we got from our trip to the baby company! Drop your thoughts down bellow!


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