Parenting: Does it get easier as they grow older?

Being a mom isn’t that easy, much more if you are a single mom. But you know what’s more struggling? That’s when they grow older each day.

Time flies so fast. When you see your kid today, tomorrow, you’ll realize that they are growing so fast. But that sure is the cycle of life. Perhaps, one of the dilemmas of a mom and even dads is when kids grow older; does it get easier for us to handle them?

As a mom and a sister at the same time, I have learned that people change and part of the changes that occur from time to time to a person is how they want to get taken care of. I am not sure if how tough it is to take care of kids when they grow old but all I know is that I need to be tougher than I was yesterday.

I have met different people my entire life and throughout those individuals, I have met, here are the things most of the parents should expect when kids grow older.

They get to have their own choices. If you are a mom of a toddler and older, you find this pretty much normal and it doesn’t scare you for now. But when you get to see them a little older somewhat like when they reach the tween phase, it will make you jealous and it will get a little tougher to see them having their own choices now and that your voice, will just be an opinion. But that sure is not a total saddening at all since you’ll think that they have grown now and that it’s pretty much normal. It makes you happy somehow still.

They get to have their crushes. It’s quite challenging how to open up to our kids of sharing whom they have a crush with. Perhaps, on an early stage before their tween phase, we get to know who their crushes are but as soon as they reach a little older, we only depend on the gestures they make since they get a little secretive by that time, which is quite saddening.

Heartbroken will be the toughest issue. Lucky for those parents whom kids can tell their pain and heartaches but sure that only a few gets that chance. So to the majority of us, most probably the least we can do is to observe their behavior.

I am not a pro in terms of parenting but as a child then, keeping a constant communication is the key for us to always get connected with our kids. Life may be tough but nothing is impossible with a constant communication with our little ones.

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