Easy & Cheap D.I.Y. Easter Egg

Hi there! It’s almost easter and my son wanted to make some colorful eggs, so we decided on making our own D.I.Y. Colored easter eggs with just a few materials. Not only is it easy but it is also cheap. Bellow are the materials we used and how much they cost.


Eggs – php6.50 each or $0.13  (8pcs. php52 or $1.05  )

Food Coloring – php0.75 each or $0.02  (4pcs. php3 or $0.06  )

Vinegar Sachet – php1.00 each or $0.02

Paper (to cover the table) – php5.00 each or $0.10

TOTAL:  php61 or $1.23  and we can already make 8 colorful and easy easter eggs

See it’s cheap right? a cheap and easy easter egg. Now lets get started in making the colorful eggs.


  • The first thing we did is we covered the table with the paper since its gonna be messy with my son doing this D.I.Y. for us and while doing that I boiled our eggs.
  • Then, we filled our containers with hot water and we added in 1 tablespoon of vinegar in each container. (I helped him with putting vinegar in each container.)

  • Next is we added in the food coloring, 1 pack per container. If you noticed in the photo above there are 2 packs of food coloring there but we only used 1 pack to the mixture since it was already enough.

  • we mixed the colors well in the containers so that the mixture will be even when we use the eggs.

  • Next step is to dip the egg in the containers. and just roll them in there until they are all coated with the colors that you want,.

  • We have let them sit in the mixture for about 5 minutes since my son wanted them in a dark shade. But if you want it in a lighter shade you can remove the eggs from the mixture once its all coated with colors.

  • After getting your desired darkness of shade of your eggs, you can now remove them form the mixture and have them dry.

We only used another egg try in letting them dry. but you wish that they will be little marks in your eggs you can use like 4 sticks to hold up the egg while it dries but trust me, the eggs trays work well also and it is less of a hassle on your part.

Here is our first batch of dyed easter eggs and after that we just continued the steps of putting the eggs in the mixture until we completed all our eggs and we’ve dyed them completely.

Finish Product! Tada! Look at those eggs! I am so proud of my son since he only had a little help from me in performing this DIY and it turned out so nice. This is actually the first time we are doing DIY’s and also a first easter post from us. How did you like this post? Or do you have more easter egg food coloring ideas? Drop your thoughts down bellow.


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