Getting To Know Some Of The Jeep Parts

Whether you have bought yourself a new or a used Jeep, or whether you are entertaining the thought of getting a Jeep, it is good to start to familiarize with the parts of the Jeep. It is never too early to equip yourself with these knowledge.

It is good to know about the different types of tires and what they are used for. Tires play an important role in safety when you are driving on any road conditions and in all kinds of weather. There are different types of tires designed for off road, mud, all terrain uses or paved roads.

Tires are sold by size and we need to know the tire size and the rim size. Then it is choosing the tire brands and the tire designs. Different types of tires are designed for different uses e.g. for trailing, rock climbing, or bad weather conditions with slippery or mud roads.

All seasons tires are not designed for off road riding conditions. Their tire tread designs are good for wet or dry paved roads and has great durability.

All terrain tires are built for everyday driving, as well as some light to moderate off road conditions. On the paved road, they have great durability.

Extreme off road tires including jeep mud tires, rock climbing tires, or deep snow tires are designed with tread designs that extend to the sidewalls, have giant lugs with deep voids, and reinforced sidewall construction to grip any road surface and remain durable in the process. Extreme off road tires do not produce much mileage when driven at high speed on the streets. The wild tread designs and huge lugs cause bumpy rides and are noisy on the road.

Trying to get in and out of a high jeep or truck that has been lifted can be a challenge. You can install the jeep running boards or side steps to make it easier for both driver and passengers to get in and out of your vehicle. You can even get those power side steps which can extend and retract automatically when the door is open and close. You can choose from chrome, textured black, gloss black, and etc.

When buying a warn winch for your jeep, you can choose between wire and synthetic rope. Wire rope is great for utility tasks or for winching in abrasive situations that might be hard on synthetic rope. Synthetic rope is lightweight, easy to handle and is great for use in mud. If you are interested, you can visit for other jeep accessories.

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