It’s been almost a year of hiatus. As I go back to blogging, the need to start in this blog is also high.  As you can see, it’s different from the old one. This is because I need to focus more on our family business plus mommy duties. Hence, I needed to let go of this blog. Just a year after, I thought of returning. But that didn’t go as fast as planned.

I needed to start from scratch as everything went expired and the sad part is that I’ve lost my backup and everything, what’s left is some pieces that were archived throughout the years. With that, all of the hard works I have done previously were all gone. But eventually, I was able to save some of the posts I have had before. So you may see some posts that are dated back 2012 – 2015. So pardon me if it’s not the same anymore.

As for my avid readers and those who are still hoping for my major come back (charness), here I am again! I hope that you won’t get tired of visiting my site and I hope you’ll come back again and again. Just like what I have had before, I will be updating this blog with more interesting and exciting contents that surely you’ll never get bored of reading. So if you know someone who would love to join contests and loves to share their parenting tips, let them know of this blog too! I will be sharing my mommy ventures and passion in this blog which both of all ages will definitely love!

As I relaunch this blog, I am also planning to come up with a giveaway. It’s not that really huge but I hope you will still join. I am working on it and hopefully, it will be a success then. This is my way of thanking you for your never ending support to my blog.  An announcement will be done on my social media pages and a post will also be created here so always stay tuned!

Never get behind with the upcoming events and news I am going to host and feature in this blog. Follow us on our social media pages to be always updated!

8 thoughts on “Starting All Over Again”

  1. It was a challenge for me to come back in blogging. For the past 2 years, I’m in and out of this world for a lot of great reasons. First I got pregnant and when my baby was born, everything revolves around her. But blogging is something I love that made me express myself freely without being judged by people around me. So yeah, I’m still here though still struggling to keep up. I wish the best for you. I hope everything goes back as before.

  2. Welcome back to blogging Zwitsy! We, at Blogging Opps are happy to have you back on board to join our regular threads.

    We all get sidetracked for some reasons, either personal or professional but whatever the causes are, it’s always nice to get back to our passion – blogging!

  3. Being a mother is a full time job and i know from watching my friends be in that space where they had to let go of their work and dreams for a while but just like you they started all over again. Im glad that you did and other are inspired by this post too

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