Life is beautiful but it is bumpy sometimes. But what matters most is that we know how to deal with every problem that is thrown unto us.

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No matter how beautiful life is, it wouldn’t be that beautiful if we won’t be struggling. Each of us faces different problems and how we deal with it is what creates us. People nowadays find it easily to give up instead of fighting. They just simply drop the life given to them without thinking the ones they’ll be leaving behind. I don’t consider them as weak. They are just, maybe, have had enough as to why giving up is the only choice they had taken.

Life doesn’t guarantee you a beautiful and interesting one alone; yet, it perfectly introduces you to problems as well to help you realize that life has something better to give. If you have been a failure for so long, don’t belittle yourself. There are so many things to consider and there is a purpose as well. If you haven’t done anything to see a change, you better take the step towards the change so that you’ll see a different outcome. On the other hand, if you think you have worked hard and did all your best to get through with it and yet, you are still stuck, there’s a reason behind. What you should do is to never give up.

How to deal with life after failing? Perhaps, this is one of the hardest questions to answer. We don’t know where to start but if we will consider the beauty of life and God’s creation, starting doesn’t need to be that difficult. If you don’t know where to start, I hope the following things will somehow guide you.


  • To understand what’s going on with your life plays a major role towards dealing problems. By understanding why you are in that situation, you will know then where to start fixing what is broken.


  • By understanding, you get to analyze why it just happened that way. If you are able to understand, you then analyze the reason why things fall differently from what you have planned.


  • By the moment you try to understand your situation and get to analyze of what’s happening, whether we like it or not, we should learn how to accept things that had happened. This is in order for us to move forward. Because no matter how difficult life is, acceptance is our bridge to becoming a better person.


  • By the moment you accept things, you get to move on. The process may take long but surely, it will all be worth it. And when you finally accept what has been gone and what’s not meant for you, you get to learn. You will learn how beautiful life is.

To stand again after a major fall is not that easy. It takes a while before we can finally stand on our own and say that we’ve finally made it. But as you let it work on its own, you will just notice one day that everything starts to heal and you’ve become a better person compared to what you were yesterday.

Problems are inevitable but what’s important is that we don’t let anger control us and give up just like that; instead, we let the process of moving forward work and stay strong no matter what happens.

To all who have been struggling or to those who are facing a major problem of their life, this, too, shall pass. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Dealing with Life”

  1. Lovely post. Inspiring and warming message you got there. I agree that problems are inevitable and in fact, some problems in our lives are perpetual. They keep coming back… But dealing with them and never giving up is one key to defy all those challenges ahead us. Difficult times are not always there, same thing with happiness, we cannot be happy all the time too. Life is a balance. It is up to us to dance with the waves or allow the waves to swallow us..

  2. Patience and belief in the truth of hard ships of life is very very important. All you have to do is stay strong and work for your goal. Bad phases do pass and the faith in positivity coming ahead is necessary.

  3. Life is indeed beautiful. And those struggles, failures and downfalls are what make life more beautiful. As after the fall, you could stand up more proudly. As you learned from your mistakes, you now know how to live life more beautifully. Good luck and heres to a more beautiful life. Cheers. Ihihi.

  4. I’ve had a really hard 2 weeks with work… I really needed to read this today. Thank you so much!

    I needed to remember to accept that sometimes things are just the way they are and there is nothing I can do about it! 🙂

  5. This too shall pass!!! I love reading inspiring, uplifting posts that help people in whatever they’re going through. I too believe that if there are no struggles, life wouldn’t be deemed beautiful. There would be no comparison between a just living and living a good one. Thank you for this! 🙂

  6. Those are strong words, for me. To be spoken of or thought of is really a great thing. I mean, from someone who hasn’t have had that much of experience, this is a great eye-opener on how to deal with life itself. Challenges are inevitable and must be faced in order for one to be strong. 🙂

  7. I also can say to embrace and feel the moment of whatever struggle I will be dealing. For me, personally, even if I get to understand and accept the present situation or struggle, I also want to have moments of feeling it and embracing it. Hehehehe. But, I honestly love this it can help a lot of us.

  8. Very true and meaningful words these.
    Life is not just about how you always succeed. It is about how you get up after every fall.
    Something I personally am going through at this time so I can very much relate to this post.

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