To loose, the one you love is something difficult to deal with, much more if you lost two important persons in your life in just a month?!

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One of the hardest thing to happen in one’s life is to forever not see the one you love the most. Well, this is reality and I assume that we all get through with it, although not just that early for some. Dealing with pain and loss is totally difficult to handle. It’s a process to deal with. Just like letting go of a toxic relationship, there’s a process that we go through in order to finally accept everything.

The process, as they say, comes with a cycle. And most probably, I am at the stage of in pain still but slowly accepting. How I manage to not get devastated by what had happened may not suit to those who are going the same thing too but I hope that at least, it can somehow help you in any way. So here are the things I find helpful in dealing with losing an important person in our lives.

Think of those who are still there physically and that you need to move forward

  • Hearing of the bad news, all you want to do is to cry it out and wish that it wasn’t for real. But in reality is this and that the least we can do is to accept things as how they happened. However, it isn’t that fast to accept such thing. So to slowly cope up with it is to think of those who are left and still need you. It may be a little difficult to handle but that’s what can help you.

Make yourself busy

  • Getting busy is part of our daily routine but whenever we are going through a pain, we set it aside. In times like this, I find my schedule helpful in dealing the losses I have had. It somehow let me forget that they are gone forever.


  • Above all, prayer is the best solution to such cases. No matter how tough life is, prayer is the best move to ease all the pain. God hears what your heart screams. If you can’t find the right people to talk to, you can always count on God.

Life is full of surprises, good and bad, and so much more. What should we think of is that if the loss is for the good of the ones we love, let it be. Besides, everything has its purpose as to why it happened in the first place. So just strengthen your faith and believe that everything has its own reason.


12 thoughts on “Dealing with 2 losses in Just a Month (Death of my mom and my grand mom)”

  1. Hey, I am so sorry for your losses. No words can comfort you, so you have to take it upon yourself to keep going. The good news is that you are on the right track. I hope all will be better sooner rather than later. There are inevitabilities in life and this is one of them. Even so, that does not make it any easier. We just have to go through it.

  2. I have been there and know what you feel. I can feel the pain. It is almost 10 years that my mother passed away. She passed away in our home. In the first days, I could not realize that. I was keeping on doing my everyday things, until a few days later, the truth came to me like a wrecking ball! I had to get over it on my own!
    I find your suggestions very useful, this is what I did pretty much this hard time of my life

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about this one. I know that they are now in good hands and they finally received their eternal peace. Sometimes it’s truly hard and sad knowing that the people who are closest to our heart the most will have to say goodbye and that we can no longer see them physically, but I know you can still feel them because of their kindness and good deeds while they were still alive. I’ll be praying for their soul and I know they are now happy that they finally meet our Creator. My deep condolences to your family!

  4. I knew its hard to let go of someone dear to you. I symphatize for your loss. Years back when i lost may grandpa it took me years before i finally was able to go back to normal routines without thinking about him and how he died. I agree with all those helpful tips you mentioned. Above all, pray.. and think about those loved ones who are still alive… 🙂

  5. Your loss reminded me of my own, during the week before my church wedding. You see, my grandfather passed away at the time from a sickness, and it was incredibly hard to stay sane and try to be happy at your wedding while mourning for your grand father. 🙁 Your tips here are the same ones that I have tried to apply as well, as I tried to keep myself busy with my kids, but I also know that the pain goes away with time, although in some cases, not entirely. I hope though that you find peace, and know that not only your family and friends care for you, but I’m sure readers of your blog as well. 🙂

  6. It’s very easy to just talk about such things but dealing with them is one of the strongest things you will ever do. I hear you and understand your pain. I am sending you all the love from India and will pray for your betterment.

  7. I agree with everything happens for its own reason. My friend told me this Christmas, “Let what comes, come. Let what goes, go and find out what remains. The only thing that is constant is change, sometimes, we may not like it, but often, it can be for the best.

  8. Condolence po. It’s very hard to cope up with loss lalo na 2 nawala sa inyo. I agree with keeping busy and talking with the Lord, when we pray only then we’ll find peace and acceptance.

  9. Dear,
    I’m really sorry for your loss. I hope that you can recover from it soon, although I don’t know what I would do din… my grandmother passed away last year and I couldn’t go home for her funeral. I was really depressed and going a bit nuts.
    Condolences. 🙁

  10. I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you in such quick succession. I think you are right when you say it is important to keep busy. That is not to say that you ignore the issue, but making sure you have projects that keep you moving forwards. My condolences go to you and your family.

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