Christmas in the country is always cherished. Aside from the whole family celebrating the occasion, carolers and neighbors celebrate too. In fact, even if there are no lavish foods prepared on the table, people tend to celebrate still, be happy, and thankful at the same time. And that’s one of the traits every Filipino has.


Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines is totally different. People have their own way of celebrating this important occasion regardless of what problems one go through.

How Christmas is celebrated by Filipino what makes Christmas in the country totally awesome. If you have a Filipino friend or perhaps, you come from a Filipino family, you sure are familiar with the following.


Simbang Gabi (Night Mass)

From the word itself, Filipinos have traditionally practiced the night mass which starts 16 days prior to Christmas. It has been observed by many Filipino this practice for quite long already. According to the hearsay, being able to complete the series of night mass, you can make a wish and that will be granted.


I am not sure if other countries have it but we have these so called carolers. They usually start caroling whenever the -ber months begin. Some are kids (who are the usual caroler) while there are mid-aged individuals who do such thing too.

Exchanging Gifts

Exchanging gifts are just one of the activities Filipino do during Christmas. It is one of the practices we never forget to do. Kris Kringle as we all know it, we traditionally practice it both at home, school, works, and even in the neighboring.

Noche Buena

It’s what we call on Christmas Eve. We all get to experience crisis but whenever Christmas is coming, people always see to it to have Noche Buena at home. Even if there is no roasted pig on every table of every home, Filipinos make sure that there may be no lavish foods served, the important is they are happy and complete in welcoming the Christmas.


A Christmas without fireworks has never happened. It has been traditionally practiced by many as well. It is said that as we welcome Christmas, evil spirits, and bad luck are lurking everywhere. By practicing in lighting fireworks and firecrackers, these bad elements don’t get near you or your family. Though there are no scientific studies of it, people still practice this trait and so far, Filipinos enjoy it.

The way we celebrate Christmas may be different from other countries but sure that how we celebrate it, other cultures can still relate to it. Not maybe in a way how we practice it but in a way how we observe the special day.

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  1. I LOVE Christmas in the Philippines! Nobody celebrates it like we do. As early as October you can already see Christmas decorations. Even in July you hear Christmas songs. It’s really a festive time in the last quarter of the year.

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