It’s quite funny how time flies so fast. I can still remember how we have welcomed New Year 2016 and now, we’re about to welcome 2017. Anyhow, I am sure that New Year traditions will never be left behind.


Sure that each of us has been practicing the traditions every New Year. And I am sure as well that we are all guilty of it. Many traditions have been passed from generations to generations and even though without further details if it has been proven effective, we still do it. As the saying goe “wala naman’g mawawala kung susubukan, ‘di ba,” which is maybe why we still do it.

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So to make things clear for everyone particularly for the new grownups, here are the New Year traditions that many of us have been practicing and I am sure that you are familiar with it as well.

Wearing Polkadots

It says that wearing any cloth that has polka dots design will give you a fortune in the coming year. That means welcoming the New Year with all those polka dots design will lead you to prosperity.

Completing the 13 round fruits

Ha! You sure always see to it of completing the 13 round fruits despite the struggle. Well, lucky the ones who complete it as what people say.

Make noise when the clock strikes to 12AM which means Happy New Year!

By doing so, you avoid evil spirits and bad luck. As to why fireworks and firecrackers are lit every New Year. Legit? Well, so far, it has been practiced for long years already.


They said that if you welcome New Year with a jump, you get taller than your usual height. Well, ask me how many times I did that? Hahaha

Welcome New Year in the place you’d like to spend your whole year to

I am not sure if this is common to you but I have heard this from my friends and relatives. If you like to spend your whole year for that certain place and with the certain people, then you get to welcome New Year in the exact place with the exact people.

Whether these traditions are for real or not, effective or proven not, what matters most is that we are all happy in welcoming the year and that, we should be thankful for every blessing we get to receive. How about you? What are your New Year traditions that until now, you still observe?

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  1. When I was younger and still living with my parents, my mom and I would also be busy trying to complete at least 12 kinds of round fruits. It was exhausting, especially when done on the morning of December 31. Marketplaces were usually crowded. When I had my own family, my husband and I decided to do away with this tradition practiced in both of our families. We’ve decided to do away with it because we believe that our good fortune does not depend on the number of round fruits on our table on New Year’s Eve. Also, we usually cannot eat all the fruits we bought. Some just spoil. A new family tradition we have is writing our blessings or reviewing our blessings for the past year and worshipping together as a family to thank God for our blessings and to offer the new year to Him.

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