When it comes to working and being a parent at the same time, sure that time management is essential. Aside from being able to work your duty as a mom, being financially stable should also be maintained.

Being a single mom takes a lot of effort. Thus, time management should be observed. There are a lot of us who find it hard in managing our time. Even I have failed a lot of times. But as soon as I feel the urge to work harder, I knew that I should change the way I manage my time.

How do I do it? Here are the things I have done to make it possible for me to manage my time well and accordingly.

Create Timeline. By creating a timeline, you would easily prioritize what’s important from what’s less important.

Categorize. It is really essential to know what the most important ones are to those less important. By the time you would be able to know it, you can easily categorize which one should be done right away and what should follow next.

Follow. It doesn’t mean you have categorized what’s more important to less important, you are managing your time already. Nope! Once you are done categorizing everything, following what you have written down your timeline is the answer to making your time management real.

Time managing can be a little difficult to achieve and sure that creating timeline won’t work for everyone. But if you haven’t tried this stuff yet, who knows it might work for you. In the end, what matters the most is that you’ll eventually learn to divide and value your time most especially if you have so many duties in life – like being a single mom and a student, and an employee, all at the same time.

9 thoughts on “Time Management”

  1. These are really great tips! It can be applied not only to those who are moms but also to those who are multi-hyphenate people. I could even apply this to my life so I could be more productive and accomplish more of my goals! However, following is really one of my weaknesses. 🙂

  2. Ahh, time management – my enemy at all times. I am an organized person and I love making schedule for myself, be it throwing the trash cans, changing the bed sheets or going to sleep. But sometimes unexpected occurences happen that’s why I don’t always get to follow my created schedule. Although now I’m trying (again for the nth time) to manage my time. There’s no doubt that time management is hard to achieve, but with determination and discipline, it will be 🙂

  3. First of all, im so impressed by you. Being a single mom is hard work! Great job and even making time to blog! We can all learn something from your time planning. A timeline is indeed very important. Xo

  4. Great view on time management! I love your idea and tips. I’m always chaos. Always busy as well. I should do more timemanagement. I do quite a lot each day. But I do in chaos. 3 things at the same time haha.

  5. I’m working on my time management at the moment so this was a really useful post for me! I’m currently creating a calendar so I know what to do when. I don’t have any kids and struggle with this, so I salute you!! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Being a single mom must be tough – stretched in so many different directions at once. It’s great that you’ve found a way to take a step back, plan and organise your life so that you can prioritise what is important. Go girl!

  7. Wonderful tips. I guess we need to work on our time management all the time. As things keep changing in our life constantly and hence we need newer ways to manage our time more efficiently

  8. I have been struggling with timelines of late. It is very important to categorize and create a timetable. Once you start procrastinating, things will never see the light of the day. I have started using an app to keep a check on my timelines.

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