Weekends are the best part of every week. Aside from no work, this allows you to enjoy the spare time together with your kids. So the best thing to do during weekends, perhaps, is to come up with activities that surely both of you would enjoy.

There are a lot of activities can be done. In fact, you can do whatever you want. But for those who really don’t have anything in mind, here are sorts of activities you may consider during your kids’ free time.

Learn to play a music instrument. Not everyone is into music. But allowing our kids to learn how to play an instrument or two isn’t bad after all. Besides, it’s an addition to their learnings. Don’t worry; there are so many music instruments you can always opt for. For affordable ones, you can choose between guitar and piano. For the latter, you can get a keyboard which is cheaper than the traditional one. On the other hand, if you’ll opt for the string instrument, there are a lot of guitars available anywhere and finding guitar center locations aren’t that hard to do too.

Learn to bake. If baking isn’t something you and your kids had not done yet, you may consider it. It sure is a wonderful activity to enjoy.

Enjoy strolling outside and have a picnic. Going out for a particular outdoor activity isn’t new to many. But sure that we rarely do it due to the hectic schedules we have at home. So if you would really want to spend quality time with your kids, this is something you should give a go.

Stay at home and just enjoy each other’s company. It isn’t necessary for the family to go out to spend quality time. If staying at home is what you prefer, you still can spend both of your time by enjoying watching movies, eat dinner, study together.

Since not all of us can spend quality time with your kids most of the time, just at least spending our weekends together with them should be done. This is for our kids to feel they are valued and important to us.

11 thoughts on “Activities for Kids during Free Time”

  1. This is a great post. A lot of kids nowadays spend time playing with their gadgets. We enrolled my step son to Martial arts class last Summer. Maybe we’ll consider Music school this year.

  2. This is a great list of tips that you put together. While it is fun and nice to go outside, staying home is something that I would encourage if I have my own kids. I really like the idea of spending weekends at home. Going out is fun but I’d also like to teach my kids the value of finding things to do at home that won’t require that much spending. These could be movie weekends or camping at the backyard, baking sessions.

  3. I agree, the more time kids can spend with their parents, the better. I see the kids all the time but my husband has limited time due to work. He needs to make an effort and leave work earlier etc to be able to see them before bed for example. Weekends are great for them!

  4. I don’t have kids but I have a bunch of nephews and nieces. I love that you suggested activities that are interactive and have nothing to do with technology. I find that kids nowadays are a little too hooked on tech stuff so it’s nice that they learn other skills as well. A picnic sounds absolutely lovely! And, just to add to your list, I think arts and crafts might also be a good bonding experience or maybe even reading a book together:)

  5. My kids and I do all these that you have suggested. Last year, we first tried baking. We were all learning. It was fun learning a new skill together. My kids also like playing with musical instruments. They like playing the piano most of all.

  6. My 9 year old daughter is slowly getting indulge with her gadgets. What my wife did was, she enrolled her to a painting class. After that workshop, our daughter spent more time doing artworks

  7. When I browse pictures of my son’s younger years, I renember how busy his weekends were. I enrolled him in piano lesson and got a chance to have his first recital at Shangri-La Hotel in Makati, PH. He’s too nervous that time but still delivered his pieces perfectly. And I also tried to get him into taekwando but he has to give up some of thise activities now to focus on other things. I can say that those activities, no matter how fleeting has done good to him like gaining confidence in performing in front of a crowd; increased appetite while into physical sports, etc. It’s always a good thing for us parents to introduce interactive activities or just play with our kids so they’ll learn something new and worthwhile.

  8. Your post is so timely because I am also looking for activities to let my toddler do. I need to keep her busy so I can also do house chores and write my deliverables. I also need to limit her TV time so I need more activities like learning how to play musical instruments or art projects. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I think this is such a great list and by far a better activity than simply watching TV or playing video games. It’s also better for their development and skills in the long run!

    Who knows, perhaps I might keep this list for myself as a little reminder for the weekends? 😉

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