Making Money Writing Online: Easiest Way to Earn From Home


The world keeps on changing as well as the means of making an income. With advanced technologies and quick access to the internet, it’s possible to earn by writing articles online. In fact, mums, dads, students, freelancers, and other millennials are currently enjoying working from home. So if you are looking for opportunities to make money writing online, there are highly trusted sites that offer legit writing gigs.

Advantage of Writing Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or not. Making money writing online is for everyone who is willing to provide such service to companies and individuals in exchange of fair compensation. Also, if you’re unemployed, full-time housewife, student wanting to earn extra, or someone who want to work as a professional freelances, this is the perfect job for you. All you need to do is find a legit writing website that offers projects and assignments with topics you can write about.

Here are some of the leading websites that provide legitimate opportunities to anyone who’s looking to earn money through online writing:


In the Philippines, is one of the trusted sites where you can find legit writing projects. You can work on the requests of clients that you are interested in and get paid instantly. The site offers freelancing jobs for writers, graphics designers, virtual assistants, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.


Making money writing online via Fiverr is another sure way to earn additional income. On this platform, clients are the ones who search for writers. Therefore, you need to post your services with interesting captions to catch client’s attention. For $5, post a service that you feel enough for the price. But don’t worry because you can earn more per order with additional packages.


Using this platform requires familiarization on the bidding method and payments. You need to be competitive enough because there are lots of professional writers that use this site. Writing gigs here are also competitive with excellent pricing. It’s also important to keep in mind that this is a global platform so always be impressive for potential clients.


Just like Upwork, this is also a legit website for those who want to find writing opportunities online. But since you will compete with other writers from around the world, you also need to be expert in the topic that you will write about. An edge would be a Journalism degree or any course related to writing. The earnings you will make from is unlimited, depending on the effort, time, and commitment you give in writing.


Perhaps, you’ve already heard of if you’re an experienced freelance writer. But if it’s your first time using this platform, one tip for you is to prepare a portfolio that will give you an edge from other writers available. Always speak of professionalism and value the time given to you. Chances are you will land more writing gigs if you provide consistent service to your clients.

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