Moms’ Day Out: Get the Freedom You Need Without the Guilt

Being a mom is definitely not an easy task. From prioritizing the whole family down to the home errands, how we spend our time for other stuff particularly our wants can really be tough. So without further ado, the moment I received an invitation to attend for Sun Life’s Mom’s Day Out event held at Ayala last week, I then didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity.

From the event itself, Mom’s Day Out, now I understood why kids weren’t been invited. Though it’s not really prohibited but as much as possible, not to, that is because before the main talk, we were given a relaxing treat which is an hour massage from the Spa Cebu courtesy of Sun Life team.

My co-mommy bloggers and I had a relaxing time before we initially go to the main event. It was indeed a Mom’s Day Out, literally!

Moving forward, at the said event, we were able to meet speakers Mrs. Michelle Alignay for the topic about Motherhood Balancing and Mrs. Rosario Rivera for the Financial Management Guide.

What I’ve realized right after the event is that when you become a mom, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop loving yourself. MOMs, may be the Masters of Multitasking, but we should also give ourselves the time to enjoy and relax. Mrs. Alignay delightfully shared to us how we should keep things in balance by giving our family the time and care they need without compromising what we need as a mom and a person at the same time. Thus, giving ourselves the freedom we need without feeling guilty should be a norm to us all.

Aside from the freedom of doing what we love and what we should do for ourselves, financial freedom pays a lot too. Thus, preparing our future is really essential most especially for our family. As what Mrs. Rivera shared, spending should be done wisely. And this applies to preparing a better future for your family. To make things easier for us, moms, Sun Life introduced “MyFuture Fund.” It aims to help us better in managing our finances and building a better future for our child(ren).

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