Our Top 5 go to Summer Outfits

Who says summer is just about swimwear? Well, since summer is the only season where most of the family gets to spend the best quality time of the year, it’s best to say make it a memorable and fashionable at the same time! It is the best time to relax and also have fun. What better way to relax than by laying on a comfortable couch or chair at your house or better yet get best back massager for better comfort and you can also do that in your fashion wear! Yup! who says you have to be lousy when chilling in your house for summer?

There are a lot of ideas how we can flaunt our love for fashion during summer while we are relaxing. Without spending a lot for it, sure that going to places with your #OOTD will definitely make your summer a memorable one! And since summer is already here, I thought of sharing my top 5 summer outfit ideas both for mom and kids!

To start it off, here are the top 5 summer outfit ideas you may want to give a try!


Maxi Dress – Lighter maxi dresses are perfect for traveling. Wherever you want to go, may it be on a beach or just want to stroll around somewhere, this is definitely a perfect outfit a mom can slay!

Shorts and Crop Top – a perfect way to enjoy activities is wearing a comfortable outfit indeed. With a pair of shorts and crop top, whatever activity you’ll find yourself in, you surely won’t have a problem enjoying it!

Summer dresses – these are dresses that are easily worn and that are light. It isn’t that a problem to enjoy activities even if you are wearing this preppy attire!

Skirt and light tops – light outfits are perfect for summer. Since the weather by that time is really hot, wearing light tops and a loose skirt can definitely make you feel fresh even under the sun.

Sleeveless dresses or tops paired with shorts – staying fresh is definitely difficult every summer but if you’ll just consider practical outfits to wear, staying fresh is that easy to achieve. Wearing a sleeveless upper and pair it with anything that is light for your lower, you sure can have a pretty much relaxing outfit yet fashionable still.

For Kids

Well, of course, kids should never go out of style as well. So I thought of sharing one for your little man and little girl.

A pair of shorts polo shirt – just casual attire, sure that going fresh and fashionable under the sun isn’t that hard to achieve at all.

Pedal shorts and plain shirt – when pairing up your little man with a pedal shorts, make sure to pair it with any light colored shirts. Plain one would be a perfect pair.

Summer shorts and sleeveless upper – get the coolest and fashionable outfit your little man with summer shorts and a sleeveless upper. This is definitely perfect for all summer activities, particularly on a beach.

Jumper /jump-shorts – who says the jumper is out of style today?! Letting your kiddo wear it and sure that even in summer, one can still go fashionable. Can be worn anywhere you go, and paired with an awesome shirt, sure that summer is still fun to do!

Dress – your little girl will sure make summer more fun with light weight dress. Easy to wear, this is definitely perfect for all activities this season.

Sure that we are all excited on how to make this summer worth remembering. Spending quality time and making it a memorable are definitely the things we want to achieve. And slaying #OOTD under the sun should be on one’s bucket list!  So never make your summer boring, be fashionable.

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