What Are The Regulations For Recreational Use Of Marijuana In Los Angeles?

In 2017, California legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. While Californians, especially Los Angeles residents, are no strangers to medical cannabis, the idea of recreational marijuana is still new. Here is what you need to know about recreational marijuana regulations and use in Los Angeles:

Using Marijuana Without a Prescription: New laws allow individuals to ingest and carry marijuana without a prescription. This means that you can smoke, vape or even eat your favorite cannabis products without worrying about being arrested.  As long as you are not causing other mischief, you should have no fear of getting into trouble with the law.

Where Can You Use Marijuana?: This depends largely on the method of consumption. You can bring cannabis oils or edibles virtually anywhere. When it comes to smoking or vaping marijuana, however, you may want to check with a given establishment’s management. When in doubt, follow the rules that apply for cigarettes and nicotine vapes.

Getting Marijuana: California is home to plenty of dispensaries and you can definitely get weed delivery in a variety of cities- as long as you still have a prescription. Cannabis delivery in Los Angeles, like anywhere else in California, is limited to individuals with a prescription until 2018 which is when dispensaries can start getting licensed to sell marijuana for recreational use.  If you are using cannabis to treat a medical condition, obtaining a prescription in California is easy and a quick search with a phrase like “marijuana delivery near me” can help you find plenty of dispensaries. If you do not have a prescription, you’ll just have to wait until dispensaries can become licensed to sell cannabis for recreational purposes.

The new changes in marijuana laws have definitely been in favor of first medical and now recreational cannabis.


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