Things I Like About Summer

Summer is just one of the best seasons of the year in the country. Aside from no busy schedule since people are enjoying their vacation, it sure is the best time to explore places since it is dry season!!!

There are so many things summer has to offer and I am sure that we all have our reasons why we like summer, A LOT!

Without further ado, here are the things I like about summer and I am confident that you guys do too!

The Things I love About Summer

Vacation Season – Who else hate summer? Perhaps, those who have back subjects do but sure that majority of us love it for the fact that it is vacation time! To be exact, a long vacation since summer runs 2-3 months.

Dry Season – Wet season can be comforting but nothing beats how more comforting dry season is. With so many things can be done during summer, it is definitely loved by all ages.

Beaches – Who can hate summer when beaches are perfectly awesome to hit during this season? With so many perfect activities can be done plus going tan can be availed all for free, who else would hate it?!

Traveling isn’t that hard to do – going places isn’t that difficult to do. With a perfectly fine weather, you sure can book a ticket or cruise anytime you want during this season without worrying about danger at all. Thus, booking ahead of time that will fall during summer isn’t something to be worried of at all.

Less Hassle – the fact that it is summer, sure those workloads from school aren’t that much. Perhaps, if you’ll take a summer class, it isn’t that demanding to do this and that. Thus, you can still enjoy the days.

Perfect for Adventure – What I love about summer is that adventure can easily be done! Hiking, trekking, and so, sure that this is perfectly awesome if done during summer. It’s also the season to go on an island hopping plus camping too.

More time for the family bonding – last but not the least, the time spent with the family is more during summer. Since there is no school for kids, the family will sure spend more time and more adventures together!

How about you? What do you love about summer? I am sure that you have something in mind as well. Share them below!

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